Beauty is as Beauty Feels

Hi, I’m Susan Miner.  It is my privilege to share with you “Beauty From the Inside Out”.

First, I would like to share my story with you. I became a model after attending a modeling school while still in high school. Over the course of my career, I was one of the “faces” of Revlon Cosmetics and on the cover of “Vogue and Elle Magazines” and numerous more.  Yes, I know it sounds like a fairytale and yes; I had a passport full of stamps and was living the jet-set life of almost every woman’s dreams! But, I knew something was missing in my life. I had to make a change, pronto!

I was getting paid tons of money for how I looked while secretly hating myself. While smiling and posing for the camera my thoughts often only contained recollections of perceived failures, shortcomings, or waistlines that were too snug. In retrospect, I realized that I was redirecting my inner conflicts of anger, sadness and shame onto my outward body.

I considered selling everything I owned and taking off for India to go into silent retreat! But, instead I took the advice of a close friend who suggested I take a less drastic route. Instead, I attended a healer’s workshop.  I felt something click! Soon I began assisting her and spending 3 days a month with this community releasing my trauma and being supported through my story.  What I learned transformed my life!

On my journey, to find inner beauty and expand my knowledge I decided to go back to school. I ate up the learning through graduate school, eventually becoming an adjunct professor of psychology.  Since then, I was blessed to become a mother and wife (in that order).

Now, I also work as a healer and spiritual guide, because we all know being a mother and wife are work!  When I’m asked how I got into the counseling and healing business, I answer truthfully that I was a mess! I was searching for peace and inner beauty.

My focus is on building more inner peace and insight continuously.  It was not a one-stop trip for me.  Oh, no! It is one experience at a time.  It’s all about re-training myself to be In Love with this human experience or at least, not hating it or rallying against it continuously.

Also, today I don’t claim to be enlightened.  Better, yes, better and better every day, yes.  I’m teaching what I desire to learn and experience.  Facilitating other women on the same path.  Sharing in other women’s journey.  Making it a bit simpler and less lonely for some.  Here, it is, come and get it…. Beauty From the Inside Out.