From Supermodel to Role Model

Sydney, Milan, Paris and
New York City!

Growing up in an extremely small Massachusetts town, I was lucky if my socks matched, let alone did I have any fashion sense. Yet, while attending swim school my fellow female classmates suggested that I give modeling a try. I found out about a provincial modeling school nearby and proceeded in trying to convince my mother to let me go. It took some doing, but she finally acquiesced. Through this agency/school, I landed a 2 yr. contract for Ups & Downs and Antics clothing stores. I appeared in their ads in Seventeen Magazine and posters in their mall stores. It was at one of these shoots that I met an owner of a Boston modeling agency. She took me on, and I worked in Boston during my senior year of high school and the summer after.

It was during this time that an agent from NYC came scouting. The New York agent and I met and created a wonderful long time business connection.

After subletting an apartment and uprooting my boyfriend from Boston, I moved to NY for about 3 months. Right away Saks Fifth Avenue called my agency requesting a girl with nice legs. I got sent over, and they ended up shooting a beauty jewelry ad that appeared full page in the NY Times! Although I was able to work right away and stock up some money, my agent organized for me to go to Sydney and then Paris to build my book.

“Where is Australia?” This is what I asked the flight attendant on the plane bound for Sydney. He said, “Oh Honey,” touched my shoulder, and brought me one of several Bailey’s and milk. Many naps and 23 hours later I arrived in Sydney. A booker came from my agency there and brought me directly to see an important photographer. He booked me for two weeks on almost everything he was shooting. Thank God for 17-year-old skin!

After a month in Australia, my boyfriend met me in Paris. Paris was a whole different experience. In New York and Australia, there was no real “pounding the pavement” before I was doing good jobs. In Paris, I only did one job in three months, which was a cover try that never materialized. My NY agent literally flew over and took me to Milan saying the French “powers-that-be” were not seeing ‘IT’.

In Milan, my first casting was for Italian Vogue and I was booked straight away. This turned into almost a year of non-stop bookings.

After Milan, I moved back to NYC. Literally the day I arrived I got a call from my agency to go to a Vogue casting being held at a hotel. I arrived wearing my old boyfriend’s pants, cowboy boots, and no make-up. I walked into a grand ballroom to a scene of about 50 models milling about and waiting to be seen by a table full of Vogue editors. As I approached, a stunning woman with silver hair stood up and declared, “Susan Miner, darling, where have you been?” Polly Mellon had put her stamp of approval on my head. Six months later I was shot by the famed photographer, Richard Avedon and appeared on the cover of the magazine.

This was not a bad way to start a career in fashion.

I’ve appeared on the cover of American, German, and Spanish Vogue, Self Magazine, Mirabella Magazine to name a few. I’ve been fortunate enough to be a model for numerous beauty campaigns including Revlon, Maybelline, L’Oreal, and Nivea.