Beautiful Belonging- Have Better Relationships

Susan Miner WorkshopLoneliness is a real problem for many of us. It is one reason people seek therapy. The modern, tech saturated world, male dominated, non-community based time we are inhabiting breeds this loneliness. Beauty From the Inside Out work offers the way to connection and unity which I call Beautiful Belonging.

Beautiful Belonging is generated in the sacral chakra. It builds on the safety of the root chakra and continues the feelings of security. It further opens up our flexibility, balance, creativity, and desire.

Once again, starting in the body is a good idea when cultivating our sense of Beautiful Belonging. We want to let go of any energies that make us feel trapped in our own skins. You know, that feeling that you can’t escape no matter what. An underlying feeling that lends to un-ease and loneliness is unworthiness. Clearing this from your energy is a first step in drawing in nice connections with the people around you. Try the following exercise.

EFT for Unworthiness:

While tapping on the karate chop point. Repeat the setup three times, “Even though I feel unworthy, I deeply and profoundly accept myself.”

Take a deep breathe in through nose and out through mouth.

Tap the sequence while repeating ‘unworthy’ on each point.

Here is the sequence:

EB: Beginning of Eye Brow

SE: Side of Eye

UE: Under the Eye

UN: Under the Nose

Ch: Chin

CB: Collar Bone

UA: Under the Arm

TH: Top of the Head

Finish by relaxing your arms and taking a deep breath in through nose and out through mouth.

You are beautiful inside and out. Be well, Susan

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