Embrace Departing From Convention: A Counselor’s View of Divergents

susan miner CR Yes, I am on vacation. Yes, I am in THE most beautiful surrounding. Yes, I am with like-minded people also enjoying Omega Institute. So it is easier to see here, but that’s why I’m sharing this. Let go of absolutes. Embrace departing from convention.What follows are three diver-gents I noticed. Of course as a counselor I am always watching and feeling. While you read through them I invite you to consider how you may bring some simple diver-gents into your everyday life. Dare I say, increased joy will follow.


  1. The 70 year old dentist I met here (Costa Rica) had a song that shot to #6 on the Billboard charts in 1967. Everyone has a story, even your dentist. I’ve been known to get caught in the rap of assuming that if a person looks ordinary that they are ordinary. SO not the case. No one is ordinary in a boring sense. We’ve all got a story going on. Suggestion: Ask the story of an ‘ordinary’ person.
  2. I did Qigong in ONLY a dress. Hello Type A friends. How are you? I still think its great to be on time and dressed appropriately to most things. BUT, here is my BUT: Not at the expense of showing up at all. Again I know I’m on retreat so by design it is relaxed, but in our everyday lives do we HAVE to be so appropriate and perfect? I don’t know about you but I skip out on interesting stuff sometimes because I don’t feel absolutely prepared. What happens is that I MISS out. The truly crucial thing is BE PRESENT when you get there (where ever that may be), instead of being what you’d consider totally prepared. Is your plan to get in better shape before you join a gym? Have you overworked a proposal 50 times and not presented it? Suggestion: Notice where you are not showing up in your life because you’re waiting to complete the perfect preparation. Remind yourself, “What matters most is how present I am.” Then show up.
  3. I was safe and comfortable in a ‘jokester’ atmosphere. Bottom line, if there is a mistake in zip lining…..CRASH. Safely is the main concern in flying through the mountains. Yet, I witnessed the free and light energy of 18 year old men create an atmosphere of comfort for our MUCH older group. One of the zip lining guides was asked if it was safe to let go of the balancing bar during the soar. He answered, “I don’t know. Did you sign the waiver?” She said, “Yes.” He said, “It’s safe then.” My lesson was that I don’t have to be SO serious to be safe. Safe in what? My finances and my marriage are two examples that pop into my mind. Suggestion: Add a bit of playfulness to an otherwise serious situation or activity. For example, I think I’ll listen to comedy radio the next time I pay the bills.


Embrace a diver-gent. Have fun and be well, Susan

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