“Suck it up, Susan.” Gentle Counseling Advice to Myself

Susan Miner Miami BeachWow! I’ve gotten off track with writing my blogs and my latest book. I was sick for 3 weeks. Now the idea of writing is daunting.

Are you in the midst of this kind of stand still too? Has it been weeks since you worked out – eaten healthfully – called your mom – meditated – or studied something you want to learn?

“If you wait, all that happens is you get older.” — Larry McMurtry

True. I’ve always thought I’m going to be a certain age anyway. Like, I’m going to be 30 anyway. Might as well get some college degrees. Or, I’m going to be 40 anyway. Might as well have a baby before. AND now, gulp, I’m going to be 50 anyway (50!!!). Might as well get my books written.

How do we get back on track??? For me it is to suck it up, put on my big girl panties, and write something. Am I feeling inspired? Ugh, no. But here I am, doing it anyway.

Join me in SUCKING IT UP. Put your sneakers on and head out for a walk.

Join me in PUTTING ON YOUR BIG GIRL PANTIES. Prepare a large glorious salad.

Join me in DOING SOMETHING. Pick up the phone, sit down to meditate, or pick up that book.

Hey, I’ll tell you a secret: I feel better already. You will too. Be well. You can do it. Susan

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