3 Steps to Raising YOUR CONFIDENCE: Counselor’s Tips

Susan Miner ConfidenceI want to help you deliberately raise your confidence. And not in an ego-inflated/obnoxious way, but in a true way, a way that will make you stronger, better prepared, and more successful in everything you do whether it is modeling, acting, writing, dancing, producing, dating……………………………

These are 3 Steps that I use as a counselor and workshop leader to Raising YOUR CONFIDENCE

Number 1. Calming your body down. Literally. This is a secret, a very helpful one. Anytime you are feeling anxious or nervous for any reason, the BEST place to start feeling better and more confident is in your body. Once you’ve calmed down your body you have a fighting chance to calm down your mind.

Number 2.      Get quiet and visualize. You may want to jump into action right away. If you are anything like me- you want to get stuff done, check things off your list, but you will have much better success if you take the time to quiet yourself, center yourself, and SEE yourself succeeding. This sets you up to proceed with confidence. Your body doesn’t know the difference between you imagining doing something well and actually doing it well. So think of this step as practice.

Number 3.        Set an intention. An intention is simply what you want stated in the positive and the affirmative. It gives you a guide post, a direction to follow.

So it might ‘look’ like this: Take three breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. Close your eyes and imagine yourself doing something really well. Imagine yourself succeeding. Then tell yourself just how it is going to work out. Ex. “The camera loves me. I am relaxed, rested and prepared.” This is what I told myself before shooting two segments of Life.Love.Shopping.

Be well and breath. You’re great. Susan


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