Be Your Own Motivator: How to Use Affirmations

Counselor: Susan Miner Smile on PurposeWe can look to things outside ourselves for motivation and inspiration, like we look to therapist or inspirational blogs or Facebook fan pages .

Yet we can go directly to the person whom we spend the most time with- OURSELVES. Even if we spend a half hour immersed in inspirational stuff, that leaves us 23 and 1/2 hours listening to ourselves. It matters what we tell ourselves. We need to be our own motivator and our own source of encouragement.

Dread is what we experience when we imagine how difficult the day is going to be. We may start the day worrying about the never ending to do list, work projects, client or customer concerns, commuting, or whatever else is weighing on us. This starts our day with us  feeling dreadful.

How motivated are you or I in that state? Not very. Imagine me waking up and thinking about something I need to deal with and my reaction is, Ugh. Crap.” (Or something else not appropriate for print.) You can imagine what happens when I’m even just acting it out. “Ugh.” My mouth hangs open, my shoulders sag and my head falls forward. Seriously, I don’t feel inspired. I feel defeated actually. AND this would be before I’ve even started my day.

So let’s take control of our tone for the day by specifically speaking and thinking to ourselves things that will encourage us to feel inspired and looking forward to the day. How do we do that?

Be Your Own Motivator Exercise:

1. Chose 3 statements that inspire you. Write them down. Examples my clients have come up with are: “I flow and grow. It’s all good. I love my life. It’s great being me. I am a star at work.”

2. First thing in the morning, before you get out of bed, before you even open your eyes begin thinking or saying your motivating statements. More examples: “It’s a great day. I’m super creative. The camera loves me. I’m beautiful inside and out.”

3. Smile to yourself on purpose.

4. Repeat throughout day.

Be your own motivator, set the tone for your day, and smile on purpose. You will feel more inspired (2 minute meditationand you will have beaten the dread.


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