Beautiful Foundation: Clear Your Root Chakra

Susan MinerA Beautiful Foundation is just that- a foundation. It is analogous to building a house. To build a solid and safe house you must start with a solid foundation. It is the same with our emotional, psychological and spiritual selves. Just as builders would clear the land and remove any obstacles, such as boulders, we must clear our bodies of fear and remove any blocks, such as negative beliefs.

All Beauty From the Inside Out experiences start with clearing the path to a Beautiful Foundation. As a counselor I use the following exercise as way to bring up what needs to be cleared:

Desire and Blocks Questions:

1) What I desire most right here, right now is _____________________.

2) What might be tripping me up is ___________________. or What might be getting in my way is ________________. These are your blocks and what needs to be cleared.

If “I don’t know” surfaces, then ask: If you did know, what would it be? Or If I had to guess, what would it be?

Write down your answers. You may use your answers in the Smudge exercise that follows.

A Beautiful Foundation starts with a grounded and cleared root chakra. In other words we clear our fears and our anxieties first. A clear root chakra sets us to understand that we are beautiful and spiritual naturally. It lends the foundation for security and confidence even when life gets tough.

We all want to receive our higher guidance. In order to receive guidance in it’s purist form we need to be clear and start from the ground up. It is our vibrant root chakra that gives us a firm foundation.


Everything is energy, including us. Why would we want to clear our energies? A clear and free flow of energy allows us to function at optimal levels and makes us feel great. Any time we feel awful physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually there is a block or break in our natural energy flow. Clearing is like energy cleaning. We clean away energetic blocks and breaks.

Clearing starts with an idea of what we want to accomplish or our intention. An example of an intention would be, “I now clear my office of all low level energies of procrastination and replace them with inspiration and motivation.” Or it could be as simple as, “Away with procrastination, in with motivation.” Intentions are always stated in the now and in the positive. The second part of clearing is what we think of as our imagination. We are able to move and clear energy by imagining so. Since everything is energy when we clear we need to consider our space, our possessions, and our bodies.

Burning a sage stick is part of many Native American traditions. The ritual of smudging can be defined as “spiritual house cleaning.” In theory, the smoke attaches itself to negative energy and as the smoke clears it takes the negative energy with it. The negative energy is released into another space where it will be regenerated into positive energy.

We use the sage stick to clear our space and possessions. Do this when you first move to a space and then anytime you feel the need be refreshed.


Light sage stick. Carry a deep flame resistant container to catch ashes.

Set positive intention to clear energy. Say out loud, “I clear all low level energy and negativity from this space.”

Move through room in a counter-clockwise direction to clear the space.

Move in clockwise direction to infuse space with good thoughts and energy. Say out loud, “I fill this space with love and joy.”

Be well, Susan

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