Best Friend Letter to Yourself- A Counselor’s Exercise

imagesImagine days when people communicated by writing letters to one another. Do you remember ever getting a letter- something that was NOT a bill or an advertisement? GULP, maybe you’ve never gotten one? There is something wonderful about reading a written letter meant for you, especially if it says complimentary stuff.

Well, you can do this for yourself. Because if you can’t be a friend to yourself, it can be pretty lonely at times! Please use your imagination and do not be shy. You don’t have to show it to anyone. This is what you’re going to do:

Write a letter to yourself from your imagined best friend. The friend, using your name, tells all the reasons you are creative and loving. Enjoy the process and PLEASE don’t over-think it. When you’re done, put an intentional smile on your face and read what you’ve written. It’s a little gift to yourself that will make you feel better than ice cream ever will. AND you won’t feel guilty about the calories.

Dear _________________

I just want to tell you all the ways you are fun and creative.  You…


And dear best friend, I must tell you again all the things I think are

wonderful and loving about you.  You are…


Be well. Know you are beautiful inside and out, Susan

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