Caregiver Rejuvenation: Compassion for Self Too

Susan MinerCompassion is held in the heart. A balance of self care and compassion for oneself with compassion for others is best. Over care for others leads to the caregivers getting wiped out and run down. Women (and Men) who choose care giving jobs and/or who burn themselves out taking care of their families for example, may have been taught to care for others before caring for themselves. Often people who are busy caring for others cut time for themselves first in order to keep up with the demands of caring for their families, clients, and/or patients. Cutting time for themselves is the last thing they need to do. What I see happening as a counselor and keynote speaker is they get bummed out, gain weight, and become super tired.

If you can relate to this AT all then the first step to regaining some balance is to just recognize your tendency to over care for others. The second step is to make a commitment to schedule some time for yourself. You may have already guessed the third step. Actually take some time for yourself. Sometimes all we need is a little self-love. Doing the exercises that follow are ways to care for yourself. Others include scheduling a half hour of exercise time, taking a mini stay-cation, taking a clearing bath, going on a picnic, lighting scented candles, taking a nap, listening to uplifting music, or watching a much-loved movie. Remember these things are not a waste of time! They will help rejuvenate you. You deserve it. Nobody wins if  you fall apart.


  • Chose one act of self-love.
  • Imagine doing it. Make a commitment to doing it and receiving more self-love as the result.
  • Complete self-love activity.

Heart as Intake Chakra:

  • Place hand over heart. Take a moment and see, feel, or sense the heart chakra as an intake chakra. This is its natural flow. Often people give love from this chakra in a way that is a bit draining.
  • Breathe in through nose and out through mouth.
  • Imagine breathing in through the heart and out through entire body.
  • Imagine all tension leaving the body on the exhale.
  • Imagine breathing in love and respect.
  • Repeat for a minimum of 20 breaths.

With Love and Respect, Susan


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