Confident Beauty: Use Your Chakras

crosscrawlConfident Beauty is developed in the solar plexus chakra. In Confident Beauty we build on the flexibility of Beautiful Belonging to enhance our power, motivation, will, and potential. Further, an increased sense of belonging lends a secure jumping off point for experimenting and then mastering our personal power.

Once again our strength and power begin in our bodies. We must think clearly and have our energies running smoothly in order to even have a clue as to what we want in our lives. I use the following as a counselor in almost every session. It is a very easy exercise that sets us up for clear thinking and even good coordination is called the cross crawl. Our bodies’ energy is designed to have a cross pattern and move back and forth between our right and left brain hemispheres with ease. The coolest thing is that this process is solidified by the pattern of crawling and then walking and running. What happens however when we are stressed, traumatized or even physically compromised is that the patter of energy stops it’s cross pattern and begins to move up and down. This messes us up and makes us less co-ordinated.  We become out of balance mentally and physically. The cross crawl restores the bodies’ optimal energy pattern and gives us back our stability.


Cross Crawl:

Slowly march in place.

Swing arms across body and touch opposite knee with each march.

Continue for one to two minutes.

Be well and be confident, Susan

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