Courage and Self-Destruction Meet

Having lived nearly 10 years in New York City and having worked in LA often, I had many struggling actor acquaintances. The combination of living on one’s own in a major/expensive city, navigating one’s early twenties, and receiving rejection after rejection is a whopper. This lifestyle often leads to massive courage or massive self-destruction or some composite thereof. So for me, the character of Sandra Billings in Pushing Upward is a believable character. She combines all the characteristics mentioned plus one more. She was sexual assaulted when she was a child.

I’ve had many conversations with friends from the modeling business, which is similar to the acting business in that they both have young women forging it alone and peddling their good looks, about the percentage of models who were abused. It does seem that many models and actors came from abusive families. Why is that? Well, maybe because young people from safe homes are not SO eager to ‘starve’ in the pursuit of fame, fortune and acknowledgement of their self-worth.

Andrea Adler, the author wove in the I Ching, which is an ancient Chinese oracle. I enjoyed being introduced to this tool through the novel. As with other Hay House novels, the thought provoking subjects are right up my spiritual alley and still allow me the pleasure of simply relaxing and reading a novel. Thank-you to Hay House. I received Pushing Upward from their Book Nook Program.

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