Ditch Perfectionism: Get Started

imagesThere’s something about giving up the need to be perfect that is very freeing. I am allowing myself to write these words because of a moment’s release of my self-imposed perfectionism. I have no outline, no notes, and no research heading into this blog. Just me, a keyboard, and a limited amount of time.

So often we postpone doing something till we have the perfect imagined prerequisites such as MORE money, more time, more education, more inspiration, or whatever else we’ve decided we need. Well, keep on preparing yourself AND start now. Write that first line. Send that first E-mail. Do that first yoga pose. Ask that guy out first.

I am a firm believer that we can work on anything! Even releasing perfectionism, which I need to do as well. So here we go. I teach this to my therapy clients.

  1. Take a deep breath.
  2. Do the very first step you are inspired to do. Write the sentence you are inspired to write. We don’t usually download the entire ‘program’ at once. That is not how the Universe works. We receive the information on an “as needed’ basis. So take the first step, the rest will follow.
  3. Focus on the joy of what you are doing. Avoid comparing yourself to others. You don’t know how they started or what it looked like then. Keep your eyes and ears to yourself.
  4. Set realistic goals!
  5. Repeat after me, “I am great just as I am. It is a joy for me to work toward my goals. Life is a journey. I am enjoying the ride.”

Get started. You’re great right here, right now. Be well, Susan

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