Escape from Everyday Life: Your Own Special Retreat

IMG_1233Does a retreat sound divine? Everyday life can get to be a bit, well, everyday- work, homework, house-cleaning, meal preparing, and on and on. Don’t wait till you’re able to arrange all the components necessary for a week’s getaway before you gift yourself with a retreat. A retreat is a time when you escape from everyday life and rejuvenate your soul, body and mind. And it doesn’t have to be in an exotic place or be for a long stretch of time. Plan a retreat for a day. If you can’t swing a full day, then take a half day or even a few hours. Here is what I suggest to my counseling clients (feel free to add your own imaginative touches):


1. Decide on the block of time and commit to it.

2. Decide on a place. Examples: your backyard, the park, your bed and bathroom

3. Decide on a theme. Examples: body care, mind clearing, spiritual fill-up

Day of:

4. Turn off ALL electronics.

5. Gather what you’ll need. Examples: healthy snacks, uplifting books, candles

6. Set your intention for the retreat. Examples: I intend to loving care for my body. I intend to just BE. I intend to feel my higher self more strongly.

7. Lastly, relax into the time and space, knowing you are giving the gift of healing and rejuvenation to yourself.

A relaxed you is a productive and happier you. With love,




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