Getting by with a ‘Lotta’ Help From My Friends

Lending her expertise as a minister, journalist and writer, Lauren McLaughlin, is one woman providing me with a ‘lotta’ help.  She is interviewing me for an autobiographical-like book I am writing.  Lauren finds openings, where  many would not, and then digs with insightful questions. Lauren made this generous offer to help during a Master Mind group I belong to.  This is led by another fabulous woman and good friend, Charlyn Shelton.  Charlyn is an expert in the field of social media and mentoring.  This group not only keeps me in contact with dynamic women, it creates the space for us to focus our energy and vision on all of our dreams.

Never underestimate the potency of support.  It is a time of collaboration and cooperation.  My circle of women friends isvery much spiritually focused and one may argue that this is the reason we can thrive with collaboration and not competition. Yet peer support is amazing.  We all have unique talents and true power comes from sharing them with Love.

Much appreciation to Charlyn and Lauren!  I am sure I will be sharing reading more about them soon.

Lauren McLaughlin, author of “Go to Elf”

Lauren McLaughlin, author of “Go to Elf”

Lauren McLaughlin, author of “Go to Elf”

Charlyn Shelton - Healing the Walking Wound

Charlyn Shelton, Social Media Expert

Charlyn Shelton, Social Media Expert

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