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Reduce anxiety Are you hot today or a hot mess?

We all want to look beautiful, and we spend tons of time and, let’s face it, money on our appearances. Ladies, you know … shoes, facials, creams, hair color, manicures … and the list goes on. But, don’t forget, one of the surest ways to enhance your outer beauty is to increase your inner beauty. How, you ask? Your inner beauty raises when you reduce your anxiety.

Forget the superb hair day and the butt-flaunting jeans, if you’re anxious, you’re not as gorgeous as you could be. In fact, you could be a hot mess.

Anxiety is a universal problem and we women lead the pack.

Ever try talking yourself out of anxiety. You may say to yourself, “Just relax. It’s no big deal. Just get over it.” Then maybe you try to reason with yourself, but that doesn’t work, and you still feel anxious.

By nature, neither you nor I, none of us, can think our way out of anxiety.

Attempting to think your way out of anxiety is comparable to trying to douse the flame from inside a burning building. We can’t fix the problem (thoughts run amuck) from inside the problem (our mind).

Here’s the trick. To relieve anxiety, we must start in our bodies. Anxiety has a physical component. To have a fighting chance, we must begin in our body. We accomplish this by lowering our attention and energy from our head (with its racing thoughts) to our lower body, right into our feet, grounding ourselves. Then any logic, reason, or positive thinking we apply to alleviate our anxiety has an opportunity to work. Here’s a short grounding exercise. Ready?

Feel the floor beneath your feet. Imagine you can breathe through the bottoms of your feet. Take three deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth all the while imagining breathing through your feet.

There you have it. Reduce your anxiety by breathing through your feet. Odd, yes, but effective.

Just be hot (not a mess).

Love, Susan

Another great exercise on video here at Feminine Collective.

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