Inner Beauty: Breathing Through Your Feet- How to Reduce Anxiety

Susan MinerWe all want to look beautiful and we spend a lot of time and let’s face it, money on our appearances. We spend time and money on our hair, our waxing, our face creams, our shoes, the list goes on and on. But we may forget, one of the surest ways to enhance our outer beauty is to increase our inner beauty by reducing our anxiety. We may have our hair just right and be wearing a great outfit but if we’re anxious inside we are not as appealing as we could be. In fact we could be a hot mess. Anxiety is a universal problem and we as women tend to lead the pack. 

What a lot of us do is try and talk ourselves out of our anxiety or worry. We may even say to ourself, “Just relax. It’s no big deal. Just get over it.” Or we try to reason or use logic, but that still doesn’t work and we still feel anxious. So by nature, we can’t think our way out of anxiety.

I’m going to tell you the trick. To relieve anxiety, we have to start in our bodies. Anxiety has a very physical component and to have a fighting chance we must begin in our body. We do this by lowering our attention and energy from our head (with its racing thoughts) to our lower body, right into our feet, grounding ourselves. Then any logic, reason, or positive thinking we apply to alleviate our anxiety has a chance to work. I am going to take you through a very short grounding exercise. Ready?

Feel the floor beneath your feet. Imagine you can breathe through the bottoms of your feet. Take three deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth all the while imagining breathing through your feet.

So there you have it. Reduce your anxiety and enhance your outer and inner beauty by BREATHING THROUGH YOUR FEET. Go figure.

Be well and have fun, Susan

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