It is the time of SUPER men and women.

Hay house logoIt is the time of SUPER men and women.  Write, speak, conduct workshops. Yes, I Susan, like many others am writing a book. Why you may ask?  The book answers the question WHY I am so passionate about creating experiences to feel our inner beauty.  Or, to put it less P.C., to help us be less of a mess! I trucked myself recently to the gorgeous Asheville, NC.  There I attended a writer’s workshop through Hay House given by Reid Tracy, Cheryl Richardson, and Lisa Fugard.  I took a slew of notes and would like to share a few for the soon to be authors out there.

Here it goes:

  1. Poise questions.  Reader reads on to find answers.  Do not answer all questions right away.
  2. The things you write that you think are gems may be rubbish.  The things you write that you think are rubbish may be gems.
  3. Coach others on how to give you feedback.  Ask for gentle feedback.

Yes, I am only putting down three.  I hope it will encourage me, as well as you, adapt to these suggestions to start and not get overwhelmed with the pile that remains.

Good luck. Start. Write. And write some more.

Be well, Susan

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