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Our teacher, mentors, therapists, and friends act as mirrors to each one of us. They help us look back within ourselves and see all parts of ourselvesIMG_5651.

Knowing what undermines our power is the first step in becoming more magnetic in ways we weren’t before we knew. We need to give equal consideration to all parts of ourselves. Not just our looks. We need to give equal consideration to our attractiveness, our relationships, our creativity, our own personal connection to Source, our health…. This does not mean that we need to be Superwoman and burn ourselves out trying to obtain some unreachable perfection. I am referring to integrating all aspects of ourselves. For us this means taking a look and embracing all the qualities that make us, us. In this union we are strong, whole, and can function at a very powerful level.

I did not arrive at the age of 45 in one piece (with all my dreams manifesting) without a lot of help. I couldn’t have done it alone. Human beings are not meant to live without communing with each other, helping each other grow. And sorry, the people I know who haven’t sought or allowed any spiritual or emotional help or mentoring in their lives—you can see it. Their lives are not filled with what they wish for. They are alone when they hunger for an intimate relationship. They are overweight when they long for a slim body. They struggle to pay their basic bills or rack up huge debt when all they want is a little financial freedom.

Growth is a collaborative process and an ongoing process. I call on my teachers even as I mentor my clients. Who helps you grow?

Few Things to Consider Forming YOUR Community:

  1. Share your JOYS and accomplishments with your friends.
  2. Choose your counselors and mentors with care. YOU know who’s BEST for YOU.
  3. Spend MORE time with friends who encourage you and do NOT drag you down.

Be well and ENJOY, Susan

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