Miracle!! I’m Sleeping Great by Grounding

Susan's Selections: Recommended productsI’ve spent 24 years studying all types of healing. I started informally at the age of 20 as a desperate attempt to achieve some semblance of comfort in my own skin. I found relief for my anxiety, depression, insomnia and basic negative thinking through hard work and diligence on my part (Not to mention the boatload of money I spent on therapists, healers, supplements, doctors, medications, retreats and books.). Although I improved my life tremendously and learned a lot, I was never able to become a good sleeper. TILL NOW.

My dear friend, Sandra Sigur turned me on to the concept of earthing. Studies show that standing on the earth barefoot drains off free-radicals and the electric charge in our bodies. This has amazing health benefits such as pain reduction, improved sleep, an overall better sense of well-being and much more. It also reduces or eliminates chronic inflammation which is known as a disease-maker.

Our bodies are electrical in nature, and like electrical equipment needs to be properly grounded to function well. Earthing (Grounding) does this. When we are grounded, proper health and well-being is encouraged in the body. The best part of earthing is that you don’t HAVE to be outside barefoot. There are earthing pads and earthing sheets that allow you to be grounded in your own home while carrying out your daily activities.

The simplest one is to sleep grounded. I purchased a earthing half sheet and a computer pad. I am sleeping better than I can EVER remember! I may not have to tell you that a good night’s sleep makes ALL the difference in the world. I don’t know about any free radicals or chronic inflammation in my body, but reducing them sounds great. I DO know I am sleeping great and it’s a miracle! I want to tell everyone and anyone who will listen. And better still is that it’s a HUGE bargain. It’s a one time purchase and you’re done. No on-going office visits or bottle refills.

Please research for yourself. Although I want to shout, “Just buy it today!! You’ll be SO happy you did.” Click here to buy it.

Be well and sleep well, Susan

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