One Billion Rising: Revolution to End Violence Against Women

Marya Meyer and Susan Miner: Friends and warriors for peace, equality and justice.
Why would I feature a picture of two best friends for a blog about Revolution: Ending Violence Against Women?

Love, Connection, Joy– this is the purpose of our lives. Sadly, one in three women (yes, this includes little girls) will be beaten, raped, and/or  sold into prostitution in their lifetime!

NO, I don’t watch the news. NO, I’m not going to immerse myself in the revolution to end violence against women to the point of burnout. What I AM going to do is open my eyes to what is in our backyards. Florida is the 3rd leading state in sex trafficking. The United Nations reports that human trafficking generates $9.5 BILLION a year in the U.S.

Believe me I could add more startling facts. Please, just add this information to your awareness and open yourself up to any call to action you may receive in the future.  Awareness is the key to keeping our girls safe. Here are some warning signs to look for:

Injuries or other signs of physical abuse

Branding tattoos that reference $money$, “daddy” or a man’s name

Controlling “boyfriend” or intimate relationship with an older person

Unexplained new items such as cell phones, jewelry and clothing

Hiding computer, phone communications or details of whereabouts

Chronic runaway

Sexually explicit online profile

Referencing sexual situations that are not age appropriate

These signs are from

Women and good men be aware. Love and protect the women in your life. And please, please, please keep an eye and ear out for ANY girl or women who needs your help. A simple phone call may save the life of one of our sisters.

Hotline: 305.350.5567

With love and respect, Susan

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