Pressure on Cancer Patients: Patient’s View on Counselor’s Work

Woman's Keynote Speaker and Presenter, Susan Miner, MASharing with you something that was written by a client of mine, Claudia, from about 15 years ago. She is an amazing healer in her own right. – I’ve given her the name ‘Solstice Artist.’
“Within minutes of meeting me, Susan gently interrupted our conversation to say “the Universe is telling me to tell you that you are brave and strong. And that you need to be told that you are brave and strong over and over again until you are ready to believe it again.” She delivered this message quietly but with authority. Nothing I had said during the course of our brief, introductory conversation would have given her any hint of just how much these words would mean to me. Nothing.
I hope that things have changed, but there was a tremendous pressure then on cancer patients to be brave and strong and to think only the most positive thoughts. I cried and ranted instead. Everyone praised a friend of mine for her courage because she presented a face of unwavering faith to the world when she went through a similar experience. I questioned. As a result, not one person said I was brave.
A few days before visiting Susan for my first session of energy work my husband and I went out for a Chinese lunch. I mentioned how it bothered me that nobody thought I was brave, or strong in the way I had faced my crisis. He said “why the #^*< do you care?" and called for the check. The waiter brought a cookie for me. My fortune read, and I swear this is true, "You are brave and strong." I will never know if Susan received guidance from a spirit guide that day, or whether she was able to connect so quickly and with such deep compassion that she simply read my mind. It doesn't matter. This is what a healer does. They open themselves to a healing power which is greater than we are and they fearlessly listen. Many times when we worked together we were able to reach what we called "the good place" where both of us were open to sacred guidance and healing. When we managed to get to this place a feeling of powerful love would just fill the room. When Susan asked for guidance, or told me that it was time to ask myself, we were never disappointed. It sounds so simple — to listen so intently and with such stillness that you can hear the gentle whisper of the loving universe. It takes courage though — the courage to reach out and believe every time that you will receive an answer.”- Claudia Susan

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