Release Stuck Negativity: Cut ‘Shoulds’ and Cords

Arch Angel MichaelShoulds: As a Therapist, I look for these.

Make a list of all the things you think you should be doing. Finish the sentence, “I should ________________.”

Ask yourself, “Who says so?” Make a list of the people you may be trying to please or who’ve told you what you should do.

Our ‘shoulds’ often have a hold on us in a way that drains our energy. I am going to include the ‘shoulds’ in with any negative ties with other people because they hit our energy  similarly. After a break up or when dealing with obsessive feelings about someone we often have negative cords attached with that person. Cords can be the cause of unexplained energy drain and negativity. The same with our ‘shoulds.’ It is a good idea to cut these cords. This does not cut love or connection but clears the energy for you and the other person to connect on a higher level and to feel and think more clearly. Cords are energetic highways that run between you and other people you have connected with. When used positively, they allow for the exchange of love energy and psychic information. When used negatively, they are used to drain energy and keep you attached long after it has been good for you.

One of my counseling clients, Julie (52 years old) was having a dreadful time disconnecting from her last boyfriend. Even a year after they split she was still crying daily. She thought for sure it was because he had been her soul mate and she was never going to get over the grief of not being able to be with him. Well, I don’t know if he was her soul mate or not. That would require a whole conversation of its own, but what I did ‘see’ (My spiritual sight is one of just knowing something first and then sensing its presence.) was two thick cords with her father. Her father was deceased and she had not seen him in 25 years, yet the cords remained. I asked permission to cut them and then did. Her father had been hateful towards her when he was alive. This extreme negativity blended with her current situation and had been fueling the fire of her despair. I’d like to say she was instantly joyful: she was not. She did however, understand better why she had had such a terrible time recovering from her breakup and she no longer cried every day. Her unimpeded healing had begun.

You may want to cut ‘shoulds’ or cords every time you feel stuck in negativity- any kind of negativity including grief. Also, cut cords with whoever pops into your mind even if it seems weird. Cutting cords can never hurt you or anyone else and if someone pops into your mind it is for a reason.

Cut ‘Shoulds’ and Cords Exercise:

  • Take three deep breaths in through nose and out through mouth.
  • Close eyes.
  • Ask yourself silently in your mind, “Who am I obsessing over? Who feels like he/she is draining me?”
  • Work with the first person that pops into your mind.
  • Ask silently in your mind, “Arch Angel Michael, please cut any negative cords between me and ________________. Cut and heal both ends. Return all low-level energy to the Light. Thank- you.”
  • Imagine Arch Angel Michael cutting both ends of the cords with his golden sword.
  • Repeat with Shoulds.


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