Selfies: Reduce Anxiety and Share Your Journey to Inner Beauty

Un-showered, make-up free selfie. "I like this face."“Your journey to inner beauty is manifest one self-loving choice at a time.” SM

As a counselor I spend a whole lot of time learning how we can feel better emotionally and spiritually. My burning desire is to experience inner peace for longer and longer stretches of time. This desire was born out of massive pain in the forms of depression and anxiety. These two states are great motivators. They drove me to search for relief. So if you are in the midst of depression or anxiety, it’s not a bad thing per se, not if you use them to drive you to YOUR personal inner beauty journey. Let’s use a tool that is in everyones’ hand, pocket, or purse- the camera on your phone. April is Susan Miner Beauty Selfie Month.

How on earth can selfies help us raise our inner beauty and peace? It works like this. Each time we focus on our unique beauty and faces with LOVE we are enhancing our inner beauty. Each time we say nice things to ourselves, the little kid in us feels a little better. Berating yourself and insulting yourself only makes you feel crappier. Haven’t you noticed? Anxiety and depression are fueled by our self criticism.

Self-Love Selfie Exercise:

  1. Take several selfies. Try different light. Try different faces. Snap away.
  2. Delete the ones you don’t like.
  3. Choose at least one. Edit it to your liking.
  4. Post it on your social media- #SMBselfie.
  5. Either add a caption like, “I like this face.” or send loving thoughts to the image. Both is best!

That’s it. Send your image loving energy through your thoughts and your words. It is a self-loving choice that strengthens your inner beauty. Let it shine!

You are beautiful inside and out, Susan

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