Why Inner Beauty?: A Counseling View of Famous Actors’ Spiritual Challenge

IMG_5683Understand that the world is changing and so is what people value. People aren’t just looking at the surface. I think everyone wants to be inspired. (I see this as a counselor and keynote speaker.) Women especially need to catch up with this in regards to their relationship with themselves. How much time women spend on their looks—worrying, planning, criticizing—must at least be balanced with how much time they spend on their internal beauty. Our internal beauty is our peace, our connection to Source, and loving thoughts. People want a spiritual salvation. They recognize the dangers on the planet. They recognize they are not as happy as they should be. Their finances, their families, their companies, their government, everything is being tested. In a way, it may be subconscious or not, any public figure, model, actor, or guru is being looked to, to save them on a certain level. This is happening even if neither party realizes it.

Unless the public figure has some training and ability to generate a way to become a mirror or a way to focus to help people look back within, then all their energy is on the public figure and that’s a huge burden. So it is also the job (if they want to have any sort of positive impact on the world) of the public figure, actor, model, etc., to help people have faith in themselves and look to the beauty in themselves. They need to be more of a mirror instead of just consuming all the adoration. Yes, I learned all this from my little slice of being in the public’s eye. The intensity I felt makes it very easy for me to understand how superstars simply crack.

My psychology and healing background helps me keep humility and balance in my work. I still love modeling and getting in front of the camera, but I do not take it as the only serious part of myself. I think it is becoming increasingly important for young women (and men) who are public to have spiritual and emotional mentoring. Not only so they can remain intact and not fall apart under the energetic onslaught, but also because their beauty radiates from the depth of emotional and spiritual work they do on themselves. Otherwise their fame or success or whatever doesn’t last. It is this inner work and cultivated inner beauty that attracts people over the long haul – Paul Newman, anyone?

Be well. Breath. YOU are beautiful inside and out, Susan

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