Your Life’s Personal Intention: Unearth IT Now

Susan Miner_speaking_PPYOUR LIFE’S PERSONAL INTENTION gives you a direction that is yours and yours alone. Your life’s personal intention does NOT have to be grand as in, “My intention is to create a mission that forever more eradicates hunger on this planet.” Our intention doesn’t have to be complicated either. In fact, it is simple and in line with who we are. Our life’s personal intention includes our talents and preferences. Funny thing, when you recognize your TRUE intention, you’ll notice it is something that actually comes naturally to you and brings you joy. The problem people often have is they make it all so complicated and believe it has to be a massive challenge. As a counselor I see this all the time.

I will share my intention as an example of how relaxed they can be. My life’s personal intention is to be a healing presence. My prayer is that everyone matters. And I dream of reducing peoples’ suffering. Here is an exercise for unearthing your LIFE’S intention.

Unearth your intention:

  1. Have pen and paper or computer handy.
  2. Close your eyes and take three deep breaths.
  3. Ask yourself, “What brings me true joy?” Relax and listen.
  4. Ask yourself, “What do I dream about?” Relax and listen.
  5. Last one, ask yourself, “How am I unique?” Relax and listen.
  6. Open your eyes and finish the sentences that follow. Just free write. Don’t edit or over-think your answers. My intention in this life is to ___________. What I value most is ___________. My dream is ___________.
  7. From these you will find your intention that really resonate for you. Combine, edit, and use your answers to create your intentions. It becomes like your personal marching orders.
  8. Write intention down. Look at it often.

Be well. Live your life’s intention. Love to you all, Susan

Listen below for more on intentions and how to remember them!


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