Susan Miner Miami BeachThis is from my column, ASK SUSAN,  in Slenderbread Magazine.
Q. Hi Susan, I want to be a model. I researched some modeling agencies and need to send them digitals. Help!!??

A: Modeling agencies are bombarded by those who are interested in being a model. They do not take walk-ins. Research the agencies you are interested in and follow each of their specific guidelines for submission. This information should be found on their respective websites. (As a counselor my main concern is for my model mentoring client’s safety. So check for any complaints against the agency before you invest too much time and hope.)

Digital pictures allow the agency to take a preliminary look at you. They then decide if your look is suitable for them and if they want to bring you in to their office for a meeting. Here is a FIVE STEP process for taking great digitals to optimize your chance for being accepted at an agency:

  1. Keep it simple. Wear either no make-up or EXTREMELY lightly applied make-up. Prepare your hair so that it can be worn down or pulled back. Seriously, the agency wants to see the REAL you.
  2. Wear a simple, form-fitting outfit. A black mini dress is always a good option.
  3. Find a solid, plain background where the light flatters your face.
  4. Have someone take head-shots (face straight on and left and right profiles) and full-length body pictures of you. An I-phone will work. Do a variety of expressions, including smiling with teeth showing, smiling with no teeth showing and no smile.
  5. E-mail four pictures and four pictures only! There should be two face forward head-shots, a profile headshot, and a full length shot. The agents and bookers are generally busy and do not have time to go through a ton of pictures. If they want to see more, they will ask.

There’s no rush. You may want to repeat your ‘shoot’ several times before you decide on your favorite pictures to send. I love the evening light outside, so if possible take some shots outside.

Remember to relax, breathe, and have fun.


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