Model Mentor Susan Miner Shares- TIPS FOR CATALOG MODELING

Susan MinerQ. Dear Susan, I got booked for a catalog job. I’ve done local magazine spreads and fashion shows before, but never a catalog. Do you have any tips?

A. So glad you asked! Catalogs pay very well and are shot often. I tell my model mentoring clients that catalog work is often referred to as the ‘bread and butter’ of the modeling industry. Meaning, the majority of your steady income comes from these bookings. Most clients keep an approved model list.  Believe me; you want to be on as many of these lists as possible. This results in getting booked more often and having to go to fewer castings. Therefore:

  1. Take catalog shoots seriously. Be on time. Time is money.
  2. Bring a nude thong and bra (if you are a female of course *insert smiley).
  3. Your nails and toes should be painted a light neutral color.  (Think ballet slippers.)
  4. Don’t be attached to your phone, keep it away and use ONLY for emergencies. Be friendly with everyone. Use your manners. Enjoy yourself. Clients are more likely to put you on their list if they like you as a person.
  5. If you’re not familiar with the company’s style, ask to see images similar to what they are seeking from your shoot. This way, you’ll have an idea of how they want you to model for them.
  6. Hang up the outfits after you are done with them. I personally think that it’s rude to just dump the clothes on the floor or over a chair.
  7. If it’s an outdoor shoot, wear sun block. This may sound simple or unnecessary, but a sunburned model is a mess.
  8. If you’re anything like me, you need to keep your blood sugar levels up in order to feel your best. Carry along some healthy snacks – a handful of almonds or a protein bar might just get you through a long afternoon.
  9. Do not complain about the clothes. You are there to make every outfit as beautiful as possible. Believe me; I’ve worn some interesting things in my day. Think Santa sweaters. (smiley face)
  10. Get your voucher signed. Note the times that you worked and keep any receipts for purchases, such as taxi fares, which you made in connection with the shoot.

Go get ‘em! Remember to relax, breathe, and have fun.


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