Being a Model Student of Life: by Guest Blogger Ally Ertel

Ally Ertel(Ally Ertel is preparing to move to New York where she has a modeling contract with Muse Model Management. She is a model mentoring client of mine.- Susan)

As I’m about to graduate from college and head off to New York to re-start my journey with modeling, I’m determined to continue being a student. Playing with words a bit, I’d like to be a “model student” of life… and one who radiates beauty from the inside out. I plan on doing this by consistently nourishing my mind, body and spirit on a daily basis, and choosing to focus my attention on the lessons behind the challenges.

In my journey as a student, two of the biggest lessons I’ve learned so far are:

1. The importance of being ready for whatever comes my way: For me this translates to taking the most wonderful care of myself by getting enough rest and filling my body with healthy, nourishing foods. These simple acts of self-care are vital to my mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

2. Seeing the bigger picture: Empowering wisdom can come from taking a step back from whatever I’m feeling anxiety about to look at the bigger picture and ask myself: what can I learn from this?

Like most students, I have easily gotten stressed about doing well on any big assignment or exam. No matter what we do on a daily basis (student, office worker, mom), we all have our own worries. Sometimes all we need to feel a calmer and more centered is a little self-care and a reminder to think about our concerns with a wider perspective.

The self-love can come through whatever works for you- a deep breath, a walk outside, a relaxing bath…or maybe even a silly five minute dance break. I myself am noticeably happier after a solid night of sleep and a beautiful plate of fruit for breakfast.

When trying to see my worries with a different perspective, it sometimes helps to imagine life as a giant classroom, a place we specifically focus on learning. Instead of staying trapped in anxiety, I try to take a step back to see the bigger message the universe is trying to teach me. While I’m certainly nowhere near perfect at it, I do feel more optimistic when I’m able to focus on the positive meaning I can learn from the challenges.

We all have our own things to work through but I truly believe we are here to learn and grow and support each other.  I hope to be so filled with health and light and love that I can radiate presence wherever I go – as a student, as a model, and in everything else that I do. And I hope my experiences and sharing encourage you in embracing your own self-love practices and the lessons of life.

I leave you with a few questions to think about on your journey…

  • What leaves you feeling ready to better take on your day and all the roles that you play?
  • How can you nourish yourself to be the best businesswoman, friend, mother, or partner?
  • How can you look at life as a classroom?
  • When you get caught up in your worries, can you take a step back to see the bigger message the universe is trying to teach you?


With light and love,




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  1. Susan says:

    What leaves me feeling ready to take on my day? Let’s see… coffee (not even kidding), meditation, exercise, and some positive statements to myself.