Guest Blogger Katie Neff: Dancing

katie neff 2I want to dance. But somehow I have convinced myself that it just isn’t safe. I have come to find this is just simply doubt. To me dancing is sacred and speaks very loudly about who I choose to be. Dancing is my silent speech.

When we dance many things come to the forefront- our state of confidence and passion, how worthy we believe we are  and how we embrace and experience life. Dancing reveals our vulnerability… It is raw… when it is real and free.

When you allow yourself to be honest with your feelings and feel them, dance can be the vehicle to express them and even release them. A dance that is choreographed is not always one that will get through to people. And isn’t that the point?

Why do we dance? Is it that structure can’t always describe life and being? I believe this is the beauty and essence of dance- the silent, natural story it can tell.

When dancing, I believe it is important to:

Embrace who you are.

Feel with all you have.

Enjoy yourself! The joy from your heart can reach others. We are beautiful jus as we are.

I want to dance. Back to my issue – feeling safe to let go and just dance. I’m resisting my natural grace and flow. I tell myself that it won’t be beautiful enough.

So I need to ask myself, “Why do I want to dance? Whom do I want to dance for?” I want to dance, be free, to feel my spirit and share this with others. This is my journey. I affirm, “My dancing is beautiful. I am safe and I am free.”

Thank-you for allowing me to express myself, Katie


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