Part of Confidence is Dealing With Rejection- Tips from a Supermodel Turned Counselor

No matter what business you find yourself in rejection on some level will be part of the game. Unfortunately in the world of talent it can be an almost everyday obstacle. Here is what I tell my clients who happen to be working as models and actors… Yet it applies to everyone….

First thing to remember is that modeling is a business. So whether you are not taken by an agency or you go on a casting and do not get booked for the job, it is not personal. In other words, it has nothing to do with you as a person. This is a hard concept for models and actors to accept sometimes. Most often the reason you or anyone else is turned down as a model has to do with physical requirements out of your control. Growing to the height of 5’8” is not a crime but it may not get you on the runway shows in Paris.

Casting, go-sees, and interviews are ongoing for models. With these come many rejections. It is a part of the job choice. When you do not get the job or agency you interview for you may feel hurt, angry or frustrated. You may also begin to doubt yourself.

It is important to healthfully deal with these feelings. You may choose to write down how you are feeling as a way to ‘get it out.’ You may choose to confide in a trusted friend. This is step one of the process. The second step is to move on and let it go. Do not behave badly or blast stuff on Facebook. Also be careful not to label yourself as anything bad or think that a rejection in modeling generalizes to all areas of your life.

You may be wondering, “How do I move on after my feelings are hurt?”
• List the positive stuff from the experience. Maybe you nailed your walk or remembered the names of the people who were interviewing you.

List the positive stuff in your life in general. Maybe you have an amazing girlfriend. Maybe you trained your puppy. The idea is to focus on the good in your life. By the way, this is not just to get your mind off your hurt feelings, what you think about, you get more of the same. When you think positively, you will get more positive experiences, think negatively and you will get more negative experiences.

Lastly, if you are faced with rejection after rejection it may be time to consider why you are being rejected. Are your expectations realistic? Do you have the requirements for what you are interviewing for? What feedback have you been receiving? Is it time to rework your expectations?

Be well. Don’t forget to breath deeply.

Have fun, Susan

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