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Screen Shot 2013-01-16 at 2.10.41 PMIn expectation of the cover story of the new underground model magazine,

SLENDERBREAD , my colleagues have been asking about my life as a supermodel. Here are a couple of the latest:


Q: Could you have enhanced the good parts and reduced the worst if you’d known then what you know now?

A: Absolutely! Actually, I could have enhanced every aspect of my life. I could have reduced the bad as well. Maybe the biggest thing would have been to feeling better about my body and relish youth.

Q: You left the modeling industry so young. Some people thought you were crazy. Give a reason for ‘retiring.’

A: In any case, at age 27 I ended my career, moved to Connecticut and enrolled full time at Western Connecticut State University as a freshman. I was financially solvent, though some supermodels are no so careful with their money, like any other population. I did know some girls who spent all the money they made.

Q: Did you change how you treated your body after you stopped modeling? And how can you look the way you do now?

My body was still in very good shape; even though I partied a lot. I ate vegetables and was careful with nutrition. Based on my own experience, here are the seven most important basic care steps every woman can take when she is young to make sure she has a healthy, attractive body when she’s over 40:

  1. face and hand sunblock
  2. drink lots of quality water 
  3. get sleep
  4. exercise, including weight lifting
  5. eat a salad a day, if it is organic even better
  6. be careful what you feed your mind- feed it at least some positive/uplifting/spiritual stuff
  7. minimize toxins– including everything from drugs to toxic body products


Thanks EVERYONE for the interest. Wishing you a better day today and each day moving forward. Be well, Susan

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