Supermodel Beri Smither: Interviewed by Susan Miner

Susan Miner interviews Beri SmitherSusan Miner: You’ve had a super successful modeling career. What was it like for you to be the new kid on the block?

Beri Smither: “Being the new kid on the block was very exciting and scary too because everything was so new and I was still a teenager. I was 17 and all of the sudden living in Paris. There was a lot of attention paid to me from the agency, photographers and all the other professionals involved in the fashion industry. I learned very quickly that I had to actually teach myself how to model. No one was going to show me.

I remember being on my first shoot in Paris with Gilles Bensimon for French Elle. I loved being dressed in the amazing clothes and having my hair and makeup done by the artists. I felt so special and beautiful. Then I walked onto the set and stood there waiting for the team behind the camera to motion to me or show me how to pose and model. I thought I was suppose to do something specific…something they wanted.

But that is not how it goes at all. They were actually waiting for me to do my thing! So I learned very quickly that I need to “bring it” to set! Once I understood that then I began experimenting, playing, in front of the camera and I also watched every single model I ever worked with. My own intuition and watching the other girls was how I learned to model and still do today. I always need a new fresh tip and / or idea.

Another great memory from my early days was shooting in Milan with Patrick Demarchlier and Christy Turlington. I was in total awe shooting with Christy. I LOVED her as a model. I had her tear sheets on my wall back in Oregon all through junior high and high school. And then there I was, on a set next to her… It was very surreal and amazing!

The overall experience of traveling and being exposed to such great people allowed lots of growth opportunities to push myself in spite of any fear that crept in. It enabled to be independent quite quickly as a young woman which in turn taught me so much about being an adult and being responsible for myself.”  

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