Supermodel Confidence-How to be Confident

confidenceWhat is confidence? Confidence is an internal affair. It has everything to do with how you speak to yourself and what you focus on. One way to build your confidence is to remind yourself of ALL your successes big and small. Sound weird? Well what do you do after you’ve blown something or felt like you embarrassed yourself? You rehash it in some way don’t you? You keep on thinking about it. You call and tell your best friend how you messed up. It’s the very first thing you think about in the morning. Am I right? Seems like it is just a bit of human nature. Wouldn’t it be better if your mind spent more time rehashing accomplishments?

Rehash your accomplishments when you feel like beating yourself up about something. Remind yourself of all the good stuff. Rehashing your successes builds your confidence and leads you to even more and greater things to be proud of.


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