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EFT practitioner, tapping specialist-counselor and therapistDear Susan, What is wrong with me? It’s embarrassing. When I get any critique for my test pictures or when I’m being shot by a photographer I feel like crying and sometimes do!!!!

Answer: To answer your question- nothing is wrong with you. In fact, you have a feeling of strong desire and motivation to do a great job. It’s a wonderful thing to have both of these traits, and they will go a long way in helping you succeed in modeling and in life. The trick for you is going to be how you re-channel those forces. Right now, you care so much that self-doubt and tears are just a second away. You need to re-channel your desire and motivation into focus and confidence. Two simple steps will help you first prepare and then help you keep focused and confident when facing any sort of critique.

2 Steps to Focus and Confidence (Follow along with video at bottom):

  1. Create a Mantra for yourself as a model. The mantra must be positive and in the present. It needs to have the quality of strength and flexibility. Then when you have to adjust how you are posing or the expressions you are giving you’ll be able to do so without tearing up. Try, “I am an amazing model who follows direction with ease.” Each day repeat this mantra while tapping gently with your fingers on the points shown on your face. These are accupressure points (relaxation points) that will calm you down and really ‘set’ in the positive feelings of your mantra. Allow yourself to really feel the ease and confidence that this brings you.
  2. When a time comes that you are asked to adjust what you are doing or to listen to advise about your pictures you will be in a stronger place to handle the critique. However, here is a trick for when the old feelings of self-doubt are about to peek out. Immediately, put a slight smile on your face. Take a deep breath in through your nose and slowly exhale. The smile and breath will allow you to keep your composure and alert your brain that everything is okay. You will then be able to adjust what you are doing with ease or simply listen without getting upset.

Everything in life is practice. It is the same with your confidence and ability to direction with grace. No one likes to hear that what he or she is doing is not perfect. I certainly don’t. I once had a photographer for English Vogue yell at me to smile and look happy. I was self-conscious about my smile, but I managed to push away the mortification that was erupting inside of me and do what he asked. It turned out to be one of my favorite editorials.

Tapping for Confidence for Models

Build your confidence as a model now

I know you can do it. Remember, you are an amazing model who follows directions with ease!

Be well,

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