Thoughts Ladies! It’s ALL About Our Thoughts

Beautiful EnergyOur internal landscape, whether it is all over the place or fixated on a few subjects, dictates how we feel during our travels no matter where we go. You can be miserable at the Ritz Carlton or content in a studio apartment on 23rd Street. I say you, what I mean is I have been miserable at the Ritz and content in a studio apartment. And I figure it applies to everyone. Sure I’d always prefer to be able to afford the Ritz, but the opulent surroundings themselves are not a recipe for happiness.

Yes, what follows has been fed to us over and over again, in tons of ways and by all spiritual teachers. But is SO fundamental, it is presented again for you to taste. What is it that is fed? The nibble that sets forth all others, our thoughts create our experiences whether it be good, bad or indifferent. I think it is really important for young women especially to really grasp this concept. So many young women think that if they were a famous model or actress they’d shift automatically and BE happy or be happy with themselves or be lovable or be important or be valuable or simply be ENOUGH.

Somewhere in our ‘human training‘ we’ve come to believe on some level that happiness is obtained once we reach some epitome of female stature. “If only this…. If only that…” “If only I was a model.” Young women may not think or say specifically, ‘If I was a model, then I’d love myself and be happy,’ but on some level they feel this. Dear reader, I had the whole modeling deal and can emphatically say, “My thoughts either lead me to happiness or away from happiness. This was true regardless of what magazine cover I was on or what campaign I just shot.” Please let this sink in and hopefully it will have an impact on you truly grasping the concept that our internal landscape determines our experiences. In simpler terms, WE ARE AS HAPPY AS OUR THOUGHTS.

BTW- Happy thoughts enhance YOUR outer beauty as well. A sour puss is just that, a SOUR PUSS.


  1. Greet yourself with warmth in the mirror. ‘Hey Good Look’in. You’re Great.’
  2. Think of  3 things that make you smile. ex. My five-year old singing I Like Big Butts and I Cannot Lie, A one-minute prayer with a girlfriend, A bold cup of coffee.
  3. Think of  3 nice things someone has done for you. ex. Girlfriend recommended me for a radio show, Trainer showed me how to use a piece of equipment at gym, Friend took family pictures for me.

Be well, Susan

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