A Book Review Through My Eyes

Through the Eyes of Another, Karen Noe

Through the Eyes of Another:  A Medium’s Guide to Creating Heaven on Earth by Encountering Your Life Review Now by Karen Noe.

Wow.  Depending on what day I read this quote I either pat myself on the back or exhale a sigh of worry.  In Noe’s book, Through the Eyes of Another, she conveys the idea that we will experience all the pain or pleasure we inflicted on others in this lifetime once we pass over.  In other words, we will feel like it was to be in their shoes.  This is what she calls a life review.“The peace within you now is a clear indication of how you are vibrating in this life and of how you are treating others and yourself.”

As the quote from the book that I began with suggests, this direct feeling of another’s emotions is present in the form of either our peace or lack of it in our time on earth as well.  And what does she suggest if we are not feeling the peace we’d like now?  Focus on the solution by mending relationships with loving letters of forgiveness, gratitude, or requests for forgiveness.

Noe includes stories of the messages she has received for people from their loved ones from the other side.  These are at the end of the book in an appendix, but for me were the most interesting part of the book.  Thank-you to Hay House for sending me the book for free as part of their Book Nook Program.

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