An “Arresting” Time with Photographer Kim Kennedy (1961-2011)

Kim Kennedy

Kim, happy as always!

“Michael Jackson, Michael Jackson, Michael Jackson!” the group of Italian police cadets chanted as Kim and I were ushered through the courtyard of the Polizia stazione (police station). Yes, we were detained in Milan for; get this, riding the tram without a biglietto (ticket) on a Sunday. The newsstands that sold them were closed.

Officers had taken machine guns off the back seat of their police car, signaled us to get in, and raced through the streets with sirens blaring. What did Kim do while they were chanting “Michael Jackson?” He increased his strut, waved, and bowed! Even though the officers did not speak English we ended up becoming fast friends; culminating with them driving us to our apartment to see my modeling pictures.

To have been a friend of Kim Kennedy was to have been championed by him. He was my number one fan and radiated his pride in me whether he was next to me or across the Atlantic. This was his gift, shining his light on people’s uniqueness and special qualities. And he shared it with SO many people. Kim and I had a fine run of 26 years of friendship. Man! We had fun. All I can say is that his Essence still supports and uplifts me.

Kim Kennedy and Susan Miner

Me and Kim

Under the rainbow with Kim

Kim Kennedy

Kim, happy as always!

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  1. A memory of Kim, of his brother Frankie, of their ‘pop’ Gene (possibly the greatest dad ever), and myself in the fall of 1985 – their family home, Rutland, MA. When leaves fall again, I recall one memory – the kindness shown to me by these three.