Anxiety and Her Cousin Worry: Women’s Unwelcome Companions

“I’ve never had anxiety before. I was always enjoying life. I used to be fun.”  I hear this, or some version of this, often in my counseling practice. Where does anxiety come from? Sometimes there was a particular event or situation when the unwelcome companions, Worry and Anxiety, showed up. But, often the answer to where the anxiety came from is as elusive as recreating your hairstyle as beautifully as the moment you walk out of the salon.

The fix is always the same, whether we know what triggered the visit or not. Sending Worry and Anxiety packing requires making your body and mind unsuited for them.

Here’s how it works. First, your body needs to be relaxed. Anxiety hates this. Second, your mind must be filled with uplifting thoughts. This is unbearable to Worry. Relaxation and uplifting thoughts send Anxiety and Worry packing.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, everyone’s heard about how to relax the body. Meditation, right? Breathing? Yes. But, do you do these practices regularly or at least when you need to? I teach this stuff and STILL have to remind myself. Think of the regime of keeping Anxiety and Worry out of your house as the regime of remaining in your size  _  jeans. It is an ongoing process of physical activity and healthful eating.

So it is with our emotional and mental ‘fitness,’ we must make relaxation and ‘feeding’ ourselves uplifting thoughts part of our lifelong habits.

Follow along with this simple breathing exercise. Then choose a thought to repeat to yourself throughout your day. Try, I love myself. I am calm and relaxed. I am okay, just as I am. I am beautiful inside and out. You ARE Beautiful Inside and Out,




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