Healing Session with Katrina Campins of Be Gr8er


Purpose of Peace-

What do you get when you mix two Libra women?  After much ado, Katrina Campins and I meet for a bohemian healing and chat.

The combination created a mixture of deep thought, recognition of Purpose, and laughter.

Our dear friend Danny Cardozo introduced us and took a quick snapshot.  Being a perfectionist, I was quick to notice I was not wearing make-up in the shot.  And, frankly, questioned the decision I had made to go au-natural,  especially next to such a beauty.

I can only wonder as to Katrina’s response.  Needless to say, “Look out world. Here we come!”  With a desire for ever growing Peace and the spreading of Light, I am sure you will see more of us together, yet with the production worthy of a Vogue shoot.

If we were looking for a poster child for a woman who possesses Beauty From the Inside Out, Katrina would fit the bill!

Katrina’s inner beauty radiates. Her killer abs, flawless skin, and flowing mane do not hurt the eyes one bit either. :) Be well, Susan

Susan, “Angel – I am beyond humbled and grateful for the gift that was meeting you. You are a remarkable woman with an inner light that shines so bright. Not to mention, you are stunning. :)

I look forward to much ahead together. Especially, our laughter. I really enjoyed our moments of reflection. :) Namaste. xoxoxo”




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  1. dhcphoto says:

    Amazing collaboration between two great women. Love this!