Through Indigo’s Eyes: A Novel by Tara Taylor & Lorna Schultz Nicholson

Forwent sleep a few nights in a row to find out what would happen to Indie, John, Lacey and Burke (the main characters). I felt for the main character Indie, actually finding myself upset and a bit nervous for her. This for me was a sign of a great book.

Although the main theme was intuitive abilities, the struggles of young love, teenagers finding their sense of well being in the midst of high school and friendship were intricately woven into the story.

Indie had visions of her boyfriend’s father and it became clear that John’s mother had killed and buried him. Although the father was a bit creepy, the authors did not go into graphic detail about the killing or the abuse that lead up to it. I must admit I was grateful for that. I am very sensitive and do not like to be scared excessively.

Looking forward to their next book, Becoming Indigo. Thank-you to Hay House and their Book Nook program for sending me the book.

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