Model Mentoring-Ally Ertel and Susan Miner

Model Mentoring- Ally Ertel


Mentoring Dream-

I am honored, almost to the point of tears, to have the opportunity to mentor Ally.

Not only is it a fulfillment of years of directed study and practice, it is another indicator that Source is real.  I say this because my vision has come to a fruition that is even more beautiful than I imagined.

Ally is a dream herself, as she holds within her a Light and gentleness that reflects her young age and way beyond her years at the same time.  I see her touching many lives, both with her outer beauty and her beauty from the inside out.

Be well,


Words cannot express how grateful I am to be mentored by Susan. Every moment that I have spent with her has been healing, inspiring, and meaningful for me as a model and as a woman. During our sessions, she has helped me connect to the most beautiful part of myself, the light that resides within all of us. From our first exchange, I immediately felt a deep understanding and warmth and I knew our work together would be incredible. Susan truly listens with her heart and comes from a place of love. She has an amazing set of skills to help people connect with their higher selves and the abundantly beautiful energy of the universe. I am so excited to be on this journey of life with her and I look forward to the growth that I know we will both experience as the journey continues.” Love Ally

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  1. What a truly beautiful experience I witnessed between the two of you. Such a gift from one to the other. Susan”s approach as a mentor has really brought out Ally’s amazing Beauty from the Inside Out. Great job you two!